Vittoria Arabica 100% Special Bar Coffee Brazilian Rex 1Kg

Code: 1026352
Brand: Vittoria
Size: SIZE 1kg
Winter Warmers
  • This famous blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans, predominantly from Brazil, showcases our skill in the art of blending coffee in order to produce a sweet, nutty and well-balanced cup.
  • Brazil Rex was originally created over 50 years ago as a Northern Italian style espresso blend.
  • At the lighter end of the scale within the Special Bar range, the blend allows each origin to contribute perfectly to the overall flavour.
  • As an espresso, notes of wheat and toast are prominent, before a subtle sweet butterscotch aftertaste.
  • With milk the cup tends toward medium body and strength with a clean, butterscotch-like finish.
  • Special Bar is a premium range of coffee blends & is a combination of the highest quality sourced beans with over 60 years roasting experience to produce eight perfect blends - the coffee trusted by some of Australia's most esteemed hatted restaurants, five star hotels and leading cafes.
  • Roast Colour: Medium to Dark
  • Strength: Medium to Strong
  • Cupping Notes: Vanilla, Butterscotch, Wheat

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